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Kendra Sunderland (HD 720p) Kendra Sunderland Tiny Bubbles (mp4/23.2 Mb) - added on Feb 23, 2016
Kendra Sunderland Tiny Bubbles
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It has been about a year since I first met Kendra Sunderland. A lot of people know the vague details of her story: girl gets caught masturbating on webcam in her college library. I remember reading the viral news articles and thinking; Goddamn, it would be fantastic if I could get her on Zishy. I sent off a few messages that night and I awoke to a promising reply in my inbox. Within 48 hours, I was on a plane to Portland. Any success I have achieved has been a result of rejecting a pessimistic mindset. Likewise, I sensed much optimism in Kendra. I know she has endured a shitload of pain and fear due to the judgment of others, and all at a young age.