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Jia Lissa (FullHD 1080p) Craving (mp4/442.53 Mb) - Apr 28, 2019
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Stunning redhead Jia Lissa is a vision of erotic desire, stroking her shaved pussy with quiet intensity. The freckled Russian beauty’s green eyes convey her simmering lust as her fingers rub her clit in circles. She reaches for a phallic-shaped glass dildo, sucking and licking the bulbous head, teasing her cute pink nipples with it, then grinding it against her clit. Spreading her thighs wide, she dips the head inside her tight pussy, then thrusts it all the way in, fucking herself with rapid strokes. She orgasms hard, her body wracked by the powerful tremors, then licks her juice from the toy with a satisfied smile.