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Emma Mason (FullHD 1080p) Sexy Shower (mp4/2.02 Gb) - 2015-10-01
Sexy Shower
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I started this set off with Emma just taking a shower... as if she were at home. I wanted to capture her in a natural state. But after a few minutes of showering on her own with no direction, I could tell that she began to feel a bit camera shy. So I started to set up video shots. Knowing that Emma does not show to much of her naughty side voluntarily ... I had to try and pull it out of her. For starters, I had her squeeze soap suds down her back. That was fabulous to watch. The soap suds carress her skin and ass cheeks as if our hands would... if they COULD! :) I like the fact that she stands there and squeezes the soap suds down ber back to and over her ass all the while my video camera is violating her intimate personal space. That is one of the best side effects of my work. To the front side now... I told her to squeeze the soap suds and rub them down and over her lovely titties., (Didnt really say those exact words :-) So now she is doing a little tittie rub action for us!! Woo hoo... I noticed while editing the video that she slightly rubbed her crotch and at least one time she went to but stopped. It seemed as if it was a natural motion for her. I wish I noticed this when I was shooting... I would have given her the ok or pressed her to do it more :) Maybe she wanted to but felt like thats not what I wanted... I dunno. After the soap sud shots... I wanted to see her in a more compromising pose... All fours baby! She looks good on all fours for sure! I didnt want to push my luck and try to get her to be a little freaky down there... So I just dropped soap on ber back from above. Now we can all imagine that we just dropped a load on her back :) muhahwasaswa I really wanted to spray her crotch with the shower head and just have her sit there. Hoping she would react... And if not then capture her awkward... "Omg that feels so good but I dont know how to react on camera" face. But again... I think I would have really pushed my luck there. So my "excuse", to at least get video of her sitting on her butthole with her legs open... was to tell her to squeeze soap suds onto her feet... :) That pretty much sums up the video... The picture set... I dumbed down my camera settings a bit to make the pictures look and feel as if I or you... or her boyfriend took them at home. I really like that kind of feeling in an image... it makes a girl who is obtainable... stay obtainable... or at least a real girl verses a "model"! because models are not real girls right... lol!