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Kristi Kitty (FullHD 1080p) Sheer Panties, Kristis Kitty (mp4/644.17 Mb) - 2017-10-09
Sheer Panties, Kristis Kitty
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There are some interesting and naughty details about this Face Down Ass Up University Yearbook set, featuring Kristi Kitty, or maybe I should have said... Kristis kitty. First item of interest... my video camera caught her several times, doing completely obvious package checks, which seem to me at least, to be quite a turn on for her. Another naughty detail, that I didnt notice during the shoot, was when she was nude and rocking back and forth on all fours in a chair... when she would go back, her pussy would make contact with the arm rest, it was apparent that she was getting some feel good moments in. Then, there is a part where she reaches between her legs, and appears to be covering herself up, but I am certain that this "cover up" was a disguised way to give herself a pussy pinch... yes... she is a pussy pincher. My last naughty detail, is towards the end of the video, she was turning her ass towards the camera alot, but stopping short of giving up the goods... it had seemed as if she was dying to show the kitty, so much so, that she was on her ninth life! haha Well... the kitty cat didnt die, and the naughtiest detail about this set, is the glimpse of Kristis kitty, caught on video. You can stay in my room KKAfter she said that, it got quiet, really quiet, and you all know what that means... I just got mind fucked, and the thought of "staying in her room", messed up my train of thought... big time! Looking back at the video, it took me 20 seconds to recover, and finally speak again... and THAT... is awkward! Kristis schoolgirl uniform was not only eye candy... it was a mental turn on as well. The combination of white knee high socks and platform stripper high heels, has an incredible and stimulating effect on the brain. Move the eyes upward, and we see Kristis sexy gams and a micro mini skirt, which barely covers her ass. Finally, we have her white blouse, which at first glance appears to be pretty normal, but its not. When Kristi takes off the skirt, you will notice that the blouse and extremely revealing sheer thong, is a one piece... its all in one, and there is SOMETHING about this that is really hot, I just dont know how to put words to it! Did these details stimulate your brain, or not?