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Next Door Nikki (SD 480p) Sniper Shot Nipple Slip (mp4/563.05 Mb) - 2019-03-01
Sniper Shot Nipple Slip
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Feeling grumpy? Ill be your little ray of sunshine in my bright yellow halter and orange slice thong...but be careful, this sun is pretty hott :) A little more about the title. This photo set was shot with two cameras, my main camera and what I like to call the sniper camera. It was a Nikon digital SLR with a 300mm zoom lens attached. I remember taking lots of shots and changing Nikkis poses in an effort to create a an opportunity for the sniper... which in this case was pete-flair. We were lucky as hell and got two stash shots with nipple included, because Nikki is a professional nipple hider... and probably the best at it. So there is the title in paragraph form. Forbidden Imagination Revealed 26 Handcrafted Animated GIFsIf you were to tell me that Nikki showed up for a shoot with her hair dyed blonde... AND that it was straightened (like in this set), I would throw a fit. But wow, she can really pull this look off. Its actually one of my favorite "hair times" for her. The blonde hair, the brown eyes, the freckles, the tight jeans, and those jiggly tits. There was no fit thrown by phil-flash... this time. Nikki fans, big boob fans, denim fans... this set is a must add to collection set... so enjoy the set and happy collecting!