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Shelley Bliss (HD 720p) Playing with the garden hose (mp4/502.06 Mb) Series:WetTeens/ - 20.11.2018
Playing with the garden hose
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That garden hose has seen better days. She just wanted to water the flowers. The only thing that got watered was her nice little teen tits. That rack of hers is out of this world. Each boobie is so small and perfectly shaped. Just touching them sends her body into an absolute frenzy. Even though she’s outside, something is going to have to be done. A teen pussy as aroused as hers can easily leave a girl dumbfounded. The talented fingers on her hands will do some pretty amazing things. Dancing all over her tingling wet slit is what they’ll do. The pleasure causes her to run on autopilot as she inches towards the wonderful madness of an orgasm. The freedom she feels afterwards can only be described as liberating for a girl who was so worked up.