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Avri Gaines (HD 720p) Avri Gaines Heavy Sleepers (mp4/83.58 Mb) - added on Sep 27, 2017
Avri Gaines Heavy Sleepers
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The time has come. This is the last of my adventures with Avri Gaines. She spent a week with me and yet we were essentially strangers. Avri traveled to Los Angeles from Florida and assumed that the creator of a smutty site would be a pleasant host. Dumb? Some would say so, but those that would, I wager, will experience a safer and more typical existence than Avris. A person that throws caution to the wind, whose actions cannot always be explained, that does not apologize for their sexuality, that makes their own rules in this life is probably a person that would enjoy paging through Terryworld. And is probably someone I would enjoy hanging out with.