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Solange (FullHD 1080p) Abandoned Train 2 (mp4/375.62 Mb) - Oct 12, 2019
Abandoned Train 2
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Sizzling-hot brunette Solange makes her movie debut for The Life Erotic in this atmospheric flight of fantasy. We encounter her as she wanders around a derelict railroad yard, dressed in a miniskirt, bra, heavy knee-boots and cute cap. As she struts along piles of old crossties, jumping the gaps, she swings a vintage pull cord like a pendulum.Spotting an abandoned train and railroad car, she walks along overgrown tracks and climbs inside. Immediately, she begins to strip, taking off her bra to expose small, perfect breasts. She peeks out the narrow doorway, hikes up her short skirt and drops her black thong panties to reveal an unshaved hairy pussy, flaunting it from behind. Without hesitation she starts to masturbate, ruffling her thick, black pubes and fingering the smooth pink between her lips – then she teases her slit with the silky cord, a mere prelude to whats to come. Now her juices are flowing, she lies on the floor of the car and the fingers of one hand splay her lips as the others circle her clit. She humps and grinds, her breath coming in heavy gasps as she frigs herself into a frenzy. She uses both hands to pull her pussy wide open, revealing the pear-shaped pendant end of the pull cord inside of it. As she clenches her inner muscles it moves around, partially slipping out to stretch the entrance to her snatch. Then, as she cums, it pops out, followed by the cord, with each silken knot triggering another spasm of pleasure. As the intense shudders die away, she plays the textured bulb and wet, sticky cord against her clit and rock-hard nipples to prolong the pleasure. Then she pulls up her panties and smooths down her skirt, swinging the cord as she stands topless in the doorway, relishing the breeze on her naked tits...

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