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Mina K (FullHD 1080p) Bottled Lover 2 (mp4/529.19 Mb) - Apr 28, 2019
Bottled Lover 2
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Gorgeous Mina K, a sexy tattooed brunette, walks into her luxurious bathroom with a bottle of Champagne. She’s wearing a black dress made with more fishnet mesh than fabric, that offers tantalizing peeks at her pert, perfect breasts, firm ass and shaved pussy. She pours herself a glass of the sparkling wine and gets into the large corner tub, which has glass side-panels – the camera zooms in for a close-up of her bare feet underwater. She perches on the corner seat, swallows her drink in one and refills the glass to overflowing. She drains the last drops from the bottle, directly into her mouth, then licks and sucks on the neck, like she’s going down on a cock. Meanwhile, her free hand wanders down to her crotch, and she teases her slit with manicured fingertips. Next, Mina unwraps a condom, rolls it onto the bottle neck, then splays her legs and eases it inside of her pussy. She pumps it in and out, pushing it in a little deeper with each thrust. Moaning rhythmically, she screws herself with the bottle, while kneading and pinching a breast. She places the bottle on the seat and squats over it, riding the neck deep and slow, her moans becoming urgent cries as the camera captures the action from different angles. After stripping naked to flaunt her slender frame, she kneels in the water and reaches back to plow herself from behind with the bottle, then rides it once again as we are treated to an underwater view. Now Mina sprawls back and sets the bottle aside, freeing one hand to strafe her clit as the other probes inside of her snatch. Then she sits on the side of the bath once again, legs wide apart and pounds herself to orgasm with the bottle. Satisfied, she sips her wine and gently caresses her beautiful naked body...