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Gabby Bella (FullHD 1080p) Creamed 2 (mp4/447.9 Mb) - Jan 14, 2020
Creamed 2
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Gorgeous Gabby Bella is reading a book, dressed in an oversized shirt, black lace pantyhose and cute glasses. Her long black hair is tied back in a ponytail and her makeup is natural. Captivated by the story, she squirms in her seat and caresses her breasts through her shirt, before slipping a manicured hand inside of it. As it falls open, we get a tantalizing peek at her beautiful, braless breasts.Increasingly horny, she kneels up on her chair, flaunting and grabbing at her shapely ass. With one knee resting on her desk, she begins to masturbate. Then she lounges back in the chair, thighs splayed wide. Her fingers claw at her pantyhose, then tear the crotch out of them to expose her shaved pussy. She teases it with her fingers to get her juices flowing – then takes hold of a bottle of lotion.She squirts this over her tits and snatch in creamy white spurts, watching it trickle down over her curves and folds. She massages it over her smooth skin, then slides a couple fingers in her pussy. Lubed by the lotion, they slip in easily, down to the knuckle. Breathing deeply, she humps her ass clear of the chair, her slick hole slurping wet as she frigs it.Next, she perches on the desk, stroking her tits and slit – and, as her fingers probe her pussy, her creamy juices trickle out. Within moments, she works herself into a moaning frenzy, breath coming in short, sharp gasps as she plows herself to orgasm. Her toes point with pleasure and she moves slowly and elegantly, then deliberately closes her book. Gabby loves to read, but right now, she is gripped by urges of a more carnal nature...