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Angelina A (FullHD 1080p) Hard Candy 2 (mp4/493.31 Mb) - Feb 28, 2019
Hard Candy 2
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Hot Angelina A – a sassy tattooed babe from Belarus, with a blonde-tipped brunette bob and a beauty mark on one cheek – is taking a barefoot walk outdoors. Dressed in just a revealing pink babydoll top and high-cut white lace panties, she’s carrying a duffel bag and sucking on a couple lollipops. She wanders through the long grass and weeds near some derelict buildings, then takes a break in the shelter of a large, arched concrete tunnel. Sitting splay-legged on her bag on the dirt floor, she enjoys her sweet treat and begins to rub her pussy through her underwear. She soon pulls the crotch aside to reveal a shaved pussy and starts to masturbate with manicured fingers, still sucking on a lollipop.She peels off her panties and continues to pleasure herself, a look of ecstasy on her face as she swirls her pierced tongue around the sweet, hard candy and spins it against her full lips. Moaning rhythmically, she rubs her clit and slides two fingers inside. Next, she runs one of the drool-wet lollipops down the front of her body and circles it over her fleshy pink slit, before slipping it in her snatch. She pumps and grinds the jewel-green candy inside of her, while sucking on the other. She raises her ass clear of the ground, rocking and squatting on her tiptoes, smearing her entire slit with pussy juices as the camera homes in for a close-up. She reaches behind each thigh to vary the angle, then brings the second lollipop down to tease her clit as she screws her snatch with the first. Her cries become louder and more urgent until, at last, she cums, letting one lollipop fall into the dirt as she relaxes and caresses her curves…