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Emma Fantazy (FullHD 1080p) Homeworks 2 (mp4/414.48 Mb) - Feb 14, 2019
Homeworks 2
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Cute and sexy college girl Emma Fantazy is studying hard. Dressed in a sassy denim bib minidress over hot-pink lingerie and knee-socks, and with her brunette hair in braids, she sits at her desk working with books and her laptop. In need of a screen break, she stands up holding and caressing a clear plastic ruler. She runs it over her bare thighs, then sits up on the desk, legs splayed to flaunt her panty-crotch. Then, with no warm-up, she lays a hard spank on her thigh, wincing as it lands with a loud, stinging crack. As she continues to punish herself, she rubs her fingers against her crotch through the fabric, then strokes it with the ruler.She pulls her tightly stretched panties aside to reveal her shaved pussy and taps the ruler against it, then licks the shaft as her fingers get busy. Soon, she uses the ruler again, grinding it against her slit, the camera capturing every horny detail in close-up as her juice-drenched lips and clit flatten against the transparent plastic and her breathing becomes heavy.She removes her panties and bends over her desk, spanking her firm ass cheeks hard with the ruler, building up a pink glow as she shows off her crack and snatch from behind. She reaches back and fingers herself, hand slapping her cheeks and clawing at her flesh before she uses the ruler once more. Sitting on her chair, she splays her knees wide and plows herself even deeper with her digits, reaching around the back of one leg to vary the angle. Then she spanks her inner thighs again with the ruler, and rubs her sensitive, wet slit. Her excitement grows, moans rising in pitch and volume as she whips and frigs her swollen pussy – the harder the strokes, the more turned on she seems to get. Kneeling on the desk, she punishes her butt mercilessly, then saws the ruler against her slit. She lies back, knees bent, legs drawn up and toes pointed, squealing with pleasure as she cums. Finally, as her moaning quietens, she rearranges her clothing and returns to her studies with renewed energy and focus, now that she has satisfied her horny urges…