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Lady Dee (FullHD 1080p) Hot Iron 2 (mp4/824.02 Mb) - Jan 03, 2019
Hot Iron 2
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Sizzling-hot Lady Dee, a brown-eyed Czech brunette, is working out in the gym. She’s wearing a strappy white bra top and tight black hotpants that cling to her toned, athletic body and leave her pierced navel and the lower half of her peachy ass cheeks exposed. Her makeup is minimal and her long hair is worn in a cute ponytail. She works up a sweat with cardio, then switches to the weights machines. Soon, exercising her beautiful, tan body gets her horny and she grinds her crotch against a metal pole through her shorts. She stops lifting but keeps humping rhythmically. As she loses herself in the erotic sensation, she closes her eyes and pouts her luscious, glossy lips. She hikes up her bra top to expose small, natural breasts, rubs her puffy nipples against the cool metal, then slips a manicured hand inside of her shorts to tease her clit and shaved pussy. Next, she pulls them down so she can grind directly against the bar, then removes them completely. The camera captures her stunning body full length and in close-up as she moves against the bar and fingers her slit. Sitting splay-legged on a bench, she works her slick, shiny pink against a heavy, chromed free weights bar. As her excitement builds she moans out loud, arching her strong body clear of the seat. Then, when she relaxes for a moment, the camera zooms in for a sharp shot of her engorged lips oozing churned-up, foamy juices. She humps the bar again and plays it from side to side against her snatch. Still unsatisfied, she takes a shorter, solid bar with a smooth, rounded end inside of her pussy in one easy thrust. Gripping the thick, heavy pole tight, she pounds it in and out, sighing and moaning as the fingers of her free hand circle her clit. She switches between plowing herself and working the bar two-handed against her slit until she cums hard, pussy clenching around the cream-coated shaft. She withdraws it slowly, then relaxes to relish a double natural high – post-workout and post-orgasm…

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