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Dominica (FullHD 1080p) I love Me 2 (mp4/544.61 Mb) - Jul 24, 2019
I love Me 2
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Sexy Dominica, a stunning babe from Belarus with long, straight blonde hair, full, pouting lips and hazel eyes, is admiring herself in a full-length mirror. Dressed in just a casual cotton shirt over flesh-colored pantyhose, she strikes a few playful poses. Then she presses up against the glass, stroking and making out with her own reflection, rubbing up against it. In another room, she caresses herself and unbuttons the shirt to reveal perfect natural breasts. She lays a large, ornately framed wall mirror on the floor. Sitting back, long legs splayed, she begins to rip her pantyhose, then she crouches over the mirror and tears out the crotch. Sighing, she massages her breasts and begins to masturbate, gazing at her shaved pussy reflected in the mirror as her manicured fingers tease her butterfly lips and clit. Before long, she is sitting on it, one hose-clad foot resting on the frame. Her head is thrown back, eyes shut as she focusses on the sensation, fueled by occasional glances down at her creaming snatch.She grinds against her hand, pausing to taste her own juices, then frigs herself even harder and faster. Her cries become more urgent and she reaches around from back to vary the angle and prolong the pleasure, one finger probing inside as another teases her clit. But she can’t hold back forever, and soon she is on the brink of a climax. Sprawling back against the wall, she uses both hands to take herself all the way, toes pointing as she bites her bee-stung lips. Then, body twitching in spasms, she cums, thighs clamping around her hands as her orgasm powers through her. After it dies away, all she can do is bask in the afterglow, eyes closed in pure bliss...