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Dominica (FullHD 1080p) Infatuation 2 (mp4/493.94 Mb) - Feb 24, 2019
Infatuation 2
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Gorgeous Dominica, a sophisticated blue-eyed blonde from Belarus, is enjoying a drink with a girlfriend by candlelight. As they talk, it soon becomes obvious from her body language that she has a major crush on her pal. She plays with her long hair and runs a manicured fingertip suggestively around the lipstick-smeared rim of her wineglass, pouts her full lips then shoots longing, flirty glances at the other girl. The duo clink glasses, and the friend gestures for Dominica to sit on a low, padded seat. She obeys, treating us to a brief glimpse of her gorgeous body in a tight burgundy velvet teddy and leather miniskirt. The mood becomes even more erotically charged, as the anonymous friend fastens a black leather blindfold over her eyes. Excited and a little disoriented at first, Dominica begins to caress herself through her teddy. Now focussed on self-pleasure, she eases the top half down to expose her small, perfect breasts. Her friend takes a candle and drizzles hot wax over them, and Dominica winces as it splashes then hardens on her pale skin. As her friend settles down to watch, sipping wine, the blonde snaps open the crotch of her teddy, legs splayed to flaunt her shaved pussy. She begins to masturbate, the camera zooming in for a close-up as her fingers circle her clit and tease her swelling, juicing slit and she moans softly.Next, she gets totally naked, revealing a couple tattoos. She bends and raises her legs, displaying bare feet and toes pointed in ecstasy as she rocks and writhes on her seat. As her moans become cries, more hot wax is dripped on her body, spurring her to frig herself harder. She nuzzles her own thigh then nips the skin with her teeth, flexing and stretching her long legs as an intense orgasm shudders through her.As she comes back down, her girlfriend watches for a while then walks away. However, Dominca seems to have forgotten her crush for the moment, oblivious to everything but her own sweet, self-induced pleasure…