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Dorothy Black (FullHD 1080p) My Addiction 2 (mp4/719.27 Mb) - Nov 08, 2019
My Addiction 2
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This sizzling-hot movie directed by erotic icon Sandra Shine stars stunning Hungarian MILF Dorothy Black. Dorothy, who is in her 40s, works in a nightclub – and she’s well and truly in her element. Dressed in a black lace bralet, leather miniskirt and animal-print spike-heeled platforms, she struts out from behind the bar for a smoke break, flaunting her incredible, tan body. Her mane of waist-length, golden-brown hair is worn loose and her makeup is smoky and vampish, with neon-manicured nails.She sparks up her cigarette then inhales, deep and slow, red lipstick staining the butt as she relishes then exhales the smoke. It’s clearly an erotic experience for her, maybe even a fetish. Soon, her hands begin to roam and she pushes her top down to expose and caress her large breasts. Next, she slips off her skirt, pausing only to puff on the cigarette.She rubs herself through her strappy black cage panties, then yanks them sideways to reveal a trimmed pussy with a Christina piercing. Soon, smoke is rising and curling from the end of her cigarette as her fingers get busy in her damp slit. Then she throws the butt on the floor and stomps it out with a heavy-soled shoe. Now Dorothy strips naked and rests one knee on the bench seat, bending forward to flaunt her tight asshole and firm cheeks. Then she lights another cigarette. She switches between reaching back and down between her thighs and continues to masturbate her pussy, treating her pucker to the occasional stroke. Next, she lies back on the seat, with the smoke held elegantly between her first and middle fingers, as her ring finger penetrates her snatch.Visibly creaming, she becomes more excited, tits jiggling and bouncing as her hand works in between her splayed legs. Then her entire body seems to spasm and she cries out as she humps her hand to a shattering climax. She sucks on the cigarette long and hard, relishing the last of it before tossing the butt. Momentarily freed to focus on her solo sexual pleasure, she caresses her snatch and soon cums again. She crushes the second cigarette butt underfoot and immediately lights up a third – relishing a post-orgasm smoke as she walks away, naked in her heels...