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Josephine Jackson (FullHD 1080p) My Scent 2 (mp4/442.95 Mb) - Jan 22, 2020
My Scent 2
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Gorgeous Ukrainian brunette Josephine Jackson is enjoying some me-time with her collection of perfumes. Sitting at her vanity in front of a large mirror, she is dressed in black lace-topped stockings and a wine-red thong-back teddy that leaves her ass cheeks exposed while barely containing her large, natural breasts. Her hair is teased and her makeup is smoky and sexy.She frees her fabulous rack from the strappy cups and massages her globes and pale-pink nipples with manicured fingers. Then her hands slide down and she snaps open the crotch of her teddy to reveal a pierced navel and shaved pussy. She rubs her clit then sinks one elegant fingertip inside, smearing her skin with juices as she raises it to her mouth to taste.Sitting down naked with her thighs splayed, Josephine continues to masturbate, stocking-clad toes pointing with pleasure as she grinds against her seat. Next, she kneels on it, ass thrust back as she reaches behind to plow her snatch, with every detail captured in close-up. However, as a fragrance obsessive, she can’t ignore her scents for long and she uses a designer bottle as a toy, working the rounded glass cap against her pink.One bottle in her collection stands out from the rest – a plain, everyday design that is larger and also empty. She grabs it and removes the cap, then teases her tits with the neck before lying on the floor to use it as a dildo. Her fingers take care of her clit and butterfly lips as the bottle sinks inside. She wedges it in position with her agile feet then humps against it, cumming hard within seconds. As she writhes on the floor, ecstatic in the afterglow, the bottle slips out – however, it is no longer empty. Seated at her vanity once again, she examines it and discovers a few drops of clear liquid in the bottom: the essence of her orgasm. After inhaling her own heady scent, she dabs it on the pulse points of her throat. Now she is wearing the most precious perfume of all…