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Leyla Fiore (FullHD 1080p) Nylon 2 (mp4/849.34 Mb) - May 16, 2019
Nylon 2
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Gorgeous Leyla Fiore stars in this slice of fetish erotica by actress and model-turned-director Sandra Shine. A stunning Russian babe with brown eyes and waist-length golden-brunette hair, tattoos, nude makeup and full, glossed lips, Leyla is home alone. The scene has a ritualistic quality as, dressed in a pastel-peach satin robe, she stands in front of a large mirror draped with black-lace lingerie. Reverently, she takes a stocking and slips a hand inside, relishing the silky feel of the sheer fabric.Letting her robe fall open to expose pert, perfect breasts and a shaved pussy, she strokes the stocking over her smooth skin. Gazing at her reflection she performs a slow, sensual strip, then removes the stocking with her teeth. She bites and licks it, winds it around her hands, then works it over her toned curves, teasing her stiff nipples.The robe falls to the floor and, now naked, Leyla stretches the stocking between her legs. She pulls it high and tight, sawing it back and forth against her slit and clit. She pauses to savor the scent and taste of her juices from it, then slips it back on her hand like a glove.Sitting on her bed, she takes the other stocking from the pair and plays it against her fleshy pussy. Then she rolls it on her leg, stroking herself inside and outside of it. She sucks the fingers of the stocking-clad hand, then begins to use the bare, manicured fingers of the other to masturbate. Next, she uses the stockinged fingers, building up delicious friction in her clit as the fine mesh teases it. She grinds them hard against it, rubbing her large, swollen lips. She removes the stocking from her hand and feeds it slowly inside of her pussy, moving the protruding end to tease her splayed pink even more. The fabric soaks up her juices and as she winds it in circles against her clit, her deep, fast breathing turns to moans and yelps of pleasure as she cums hard. Sensitized, she gasps as she slowly withdraws the stocking, now a thin, wet string. She licks and bites it, caught in post-orgasmic bliss as the picture fades...