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Kerry Bradshow (FullHD 1080p) Nylons Relief 2 (mp4/514.93 Mb) - Apr 14, 2019
Nylons Relief 2
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Cute Kerry Bradshow lives in Ukraine. She has a high-pressure job as a nurse – and relieves her stress by masturbating. This time, she is indulging her fetish for nylons, and we find her stroking her manicured fingers up legs clad in glossy, nude pantyhose. She is topless, with a pierced navel peeking over the top of her waistband. Her mane of long blonde hair covers her beautiful breasts, swishing aside as she moves to allow tantalizing glimpses. Then, as she caresses her tits, squeezing them and teasing her nipples to stiffness, her smoky eyes betray her intense arousal.She stands up and fingers her shaved pussy through the crotch of her nylons, raising one foot up on a chair and moaning as the camera captures the action from every angle. Soon, the sheer mesh fabric is damp with her juices – and she rolls her pantyhose down to her thighs, revealing sexy tanlines and her smooth, naked pussy. Immediately, her fingers rub and probe, and she bites her lip as her pleasure builds. Next, Kerry sprawls back on her couch, grinding against her hand as she plows her audibly wet snatch. Another position switch sees her on all fours, doggy style, displaying a stunning, toned bubble butt. Her body rocks and arches, and she whimpers as she nears orgasm, fingers pounding knuckle-deep. Then she lounges back once again, bucking and quivering on the couch as she takes herself over the brink. With an ecstatic, sighing moan, she sinks down on the seat and sucks the cum from her fingertips, finally able to relax…