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Lil Karla (FullHD 1080p) Orgasmic Oil 2 (mp4/612.83 Mb) - Aug 17, 2019
Orgasmic Oil 2
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Gorgeous Lil Karla, a slim blue-eyed blonde, is standing in her shower. She keeps things simple – no expensive lotions or potions for this girl, just a jar of extra-virgin olive oil. Naked and displaying small, beautiful breasts, she caresses the jar with manicured fingers, then pops it open.She drizzles the golden liquid over her stiff nipples then massages it into her globes and over her flat belly, gyrating sensually as it trickles down to her shaved pussy. Soon, her fingers are sliding in between her thighs, briefly at first, then with lingering strokes. As they probe inside of her snatch – slippery with the oil and her juices – she sighs with pleasure.Next, she sits back on the floor of the shower, body glistening and legs splayed wide open. She dips her fingers in the oil, then switches between plowing herself and strumming her clit. With an ecstatic expression on her face, she takes two digits deep inside.As the sensation grows more intense, her sighs become whimpers and moans. She rocks and humps her crotch against her hand, head thrown back as her orgasm builds. She resists the urge to cum for as long as she can, then bites her lip as bucks against her fingers.Finally satisfied, she lies back to relish the afterglow. Then she showers, soaping and rinsing the oil off of her soft, naked skin...