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Nicole Vice (FullHD 1080p) Shoe Love 2 (mp4/415.58 Mb) - Jan 06, 2020
Shoe Love 2
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Horny Czech blonde Nicole Vice is looking through her impressive collection of sexy high heels, deciding which she will photograph to post online as \"Shoe Lover\". The name suits her, although it understates her fetish for footwear that borders on obsession.This time she selects a wow-factor pair of super-high concealed platforms. Golden in color and encrusted with jewels, they have literal spike heels, studded with actual chrome spikes. As she tries them on, the peep-toe design reveals a pedicure that tones with her manicured fingernails. Overcome with lust, Nicole caresses the uppers and soles as she sucks on the heels. She bares and massages her large breasts and stiff, dark nipples, then loses her tight pants to reveal her peach of an ass, pierced navel and shaved pussy. Crouching on all fours, doggy-style, she runs the tip of one heel along her slit, then begins to insert it inside of her snatch.She reaches back to finger herself, then lies on the floor. Thighs splayed and knees drawn up, she masturbates while sucking sensually on the juice-smeared heel. As her orgasm nears, her sighs and moans become louder – then she sets the shoe aside, tits quivering and body trembling as she frigs herself all the way. In a haze of satisfaction, she strokes her beautiful body, then picks up the shoe and gazes at it. We leave her lounging on the floor, tapping away on her laptop, naked in only her platforms. Smiling, she posts a horny photo, labelled \"Golden High Heels\" and teases her followers with a promise to show them the great use she found for her shoes...