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Emma Fantazy (FullHD 1080p) The Cob 2 (mp4/451.06 Mb) - Jul 07, 2019
The Cob 2
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Sexy Emma Fantazy is cooking up something hot in her kitchen. Barefoot and dressed in a cute, casual floral tank and shorts under an apron, the sizzling-hot brunette peels the husk from a large cob of corn and runs her manicured fingers over the kernels. She gazes at it, smoky-eyed, then licks it from base to tip and takes it in her mouth, like she’s sucking cock, smearing it with her lipstick.She caresses her body with the cob, the fingers of her free hand sliding beneath her apron to rub her snatch through her shorts. She unzips and drops them to masturbate through her lace panties, then yanks them aside to expose her shaved pussy. She probes inside of it with one finger, stirring up her juices.Thighs splayed, she pushes the corn cob inside, stretching herself wide open but wet enough to take it easily. Her breath comes in moaning gasps as she rubs the bumpy shaft against her clit, then reinserts it, pumping it in and out like a huge dildo.She grabs and unhusks a second cob of corn, then sprawls back on her kitchen counter, sucking on it as she pounds herself with the first one. Next, she removes her panties, tossing them aside as she plows herself even deeper, drenching the cob with her cream. On the brink of cumming, she switches position, reaching back as she kneels doggy-style on the counter. She’s right by the window, but doesn’t care if anyone can see in as she screws her dripping pussy to an intense orgasm. Moaning with satisfaction, she withdraws the corn cob, treats herself to a final lick and suck on it, then drops it and the other one in a pan of boiling water…