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Nata (FullHD 1080p) Tied To Come 2 (mp4/625.7 Mb) - May 09, 2019
Tied To Come 2
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Sexy Nata – a slender and petite black-haired babe – enters a bedroom, wearing a red micro-minidress and a tiny satin thong. She grinds against one wooden pole of her four-poster bed stripper-style, then almost immediately begins to stroke her pussy through her panties.On the bed, she untangles some black ropes hidden under her pillow, and expertly attaches them to the bedframe – then she retrieves a blue dildo. With practiced ease, she binds one ankle and pulls on the rope to raise her leg clear of the mattress and splay her thighs.Lying back with her hand inside of her panties she masturbates, then she removes them, leaving them dangling from her bound ankle. Rolling over to kneel head-down doggie style, she starts to pound her shaved pussy hard and fast with the dildo. With each thrust she moans, becoming louder as her fingers get busy on her clit.Lying back, she continues her self-pleasure, hiking up her dress to expose small, perfect breasts. Both hands are a blur and the toes of her bare feet point as the delicious tension builds. Her snatch is audibly wet as the toy churns her cream, and she massages her tits.After stripping naked, she loops the rope around one wrist, relishing the restriction as her free hand plows her slit with the dildo. She kneels up on the bed, flaunting her lithe, naked body, and can’t resist freeing her bound hand to give her clit more attention.Her moans are even more urgent now and she lies back to bind both ankles, knees drawn up and pussy exposed and open as she approaches orgasm. At last she cums, her body trembling, and she lies back to catch her breath, breasts heaving as her hands caress her body. Then she grabs the ropes around her ankles, pulling on them, before freeing herself as the picture fades...