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Oxana Chic (FullHD 1080p) Tool Box 2 (mp4/487.41 Mb) - Nov 12, 2019
Tool Box 2
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Horny Ukrainian brunette Oxana Chic is carrying out some home improvements. Dressed for construction in bib overalls, hard hat and heavy boots, she works on a concrete wall. However, her attention soon turns to the contents of her toolbox.A simple hammer becomes an object of erotic desire as she caresses the smooth wood handle and rubs it on her overalls. She is naked beneath them, so it’s easy for her to pop a perfect breast out the side. She teases it with the metal head of the tool, then takes down the bib to bare her tits as she grinds the hammer against her canvas-clad crotch. She strips down to her black panties, then searches in her toolbox – and removes a riding crop. The shaft is used to tease her globes, then she spanks her nipples and her shapely ass. Next, she gets naked aside from her boots and hat, flaunting her shaved pussy as she rains down more blows on her cheeks.Craving harsher punishment, Oxana switches her crop for a leather paddle, which soon gives her butt a hot pink glow. Now totally turned on, she raises one foot up on her ladder, splaying her legs wide as her fingers get busy inside of her smooth snatch. As they strafe her fleshy lips she moans rhythmically, then teases herself with the paddle, spanking her mound then rubbing it against her slit. As she edges closer to cumming, she plows herself hard, fast and deep with her fingers, crying out as her orgasm hits. She pauses to rub herself more gently, soothing her tits and pussy as she prolongs the pleasure. Then she retrieves her overalls and walks away – for now, her home improvements can wait...