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Madison Missina (FullHD 1080p) Wrapped 2 (mp4/377.93 Mb) - Sep 22, 2019
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Sizzling-hot redhead Madison Missina is hiking through the forest. Her toned curves are accentuated by her tight cut-off jean shorts and her large breasts and glasscutter nipples strain and bounce against her thin white tank. She also has a roll of plastic wrap to play with.Madison finds a tree and caresses the bark, then covers the trunk in wrap. She licks it and strokes it with her red-manicured fingertips, then takes off her top so she can knead her amazing rack. Slowly, she peels off her shorts to flaunt her ass in a pink thong. Then, as she grinds against the tree, she gets naked, baring her shaved pussy.Next, she leans back against the tree and binds herself to the trunk with the wrap, winding it around her body and one leg. She plays with her tits through the enveloping layers of plastic and fingers her pussy, pausing to taste her juices. She works a breast free and, as she teases her nipple, she frigs her snatch harder and faster. Body arched, mouth open and head thrown back, she cums hard, crying out as her knees buckle. She sucks her fingers clean with relish, then retrieves a sharp knife and cuts off the wrap. Finally, she smiles, enjoying the fresh air on her naked skin as the picture fades...

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