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Elina De Lion (FullHD 1080p) Arousal In Public 2 (mp4/593.02 Mb) - Feb 21, 2019
Arousal In Public 2
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Sizzling-hot Ukrainian babe Elina de Lion returns home from a walk in the park, and admires herself in her full-length hall mirror. She’s wearing a trenchcoat mac and knee-high boots with low, chunky heels. Her makeup is minimal and her long, blonde-streaked brunette hair is loose. As she gazes at her own reflection, she relives an erotically charged experience.Her hands roam over her tall, slim body through her coat as she recalls strolling along a leaf-strewn path. As she encounters an anonymous woman, she flings her mac open – and, when she repeats this exhibitionist action in front of her mirror, she reveals she is naked beneath it. We get a first glimpse of her perfect breasts, pierced nipples and navel, flat belly and shaved pussy.Shocked at being flashed, the stranger drops her coffee, then hurries away. And, as Elina recalls this detail, she begins to masturbate, caressing her tits then splaying and teasing her swollen lips and clit. The sight of her nude reflection only adds to her arousal, and her breathing deepens to sighs and moans as she grinds against her hand, pausing only to taste her juices from her fingertips.Letting her mac fall to the floor, she bends slightly forward, braced against a wall as she reaches down to frig herself harder. She sinks a finger inside of her wet pussy as she continues to rub her clit. Letting out a moan, she sits on a low cube seat, thighs splayed as her fingers ream her slit. Close to orgasm, she tries to prolong the delicious tension, but she can only hold off cumming for so long. Her body arches, reflected side-on in the mirror, toes pointing in her boots as she climaxes, whimpering with pleasure. For a moment, she lingers to enjoy the afterglow – then she stands up, puts her coat on again, and heads back to the park for another bad-girl adventure…