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Cristin (FullHD 1080p) Distant Lover 2 (mp4/471.9 Mb) - May 12, 2019
Distant Lover 2
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Tall, slim and gorgeous, with the body and face of a catwalk model, brown-eyed Ukrainian brunette Cristin is pining for a mysterious blonde – and her desire has turned to obsession. Holed up in a room overlooking the woman’s home, barefoot and casually dressed, Cristin spies on her with binoculars, visibly frustrated when there is no sign of her.When the object of her lust finally appears, Cristin is overjoyed and excited – especially when the blonde strips off her robe and stands naked by the window. As she flaunts and caresses her body, Cristin follows suit, stroking herself through her top, then stripping to her bra as she slides her hand inside of her jeans. Soon, she is sitting on the bed in her lingerie, massaging her small, perfect breasts and stiff, puffy nipples.Next, she gets naked, splays her thighs to reveal her shaved pussy, and continues to watch the show. Whether the blondes exhibitionism is intentional or accidental is not clear, but her besotted voyeur is gripped by the display, one hand holding the binoculars up to her eyes while the other reams her juice-drenched slit. She sets the binoculars aside although, as she masturbates, she casts frequent glances toward the blonde’s building. Then she kneels on the bedcovers to pleasure herself doggy-style, flaunting her tight asshole as her manicured fingers get to work in her pussy. However, unable to resist spying on her neighbour once more, she sits on the nightstand to strum her clit, moaning loudly as her orgasm approaches. She holds off of cumming for as long as she can, then throws her head back, eyes shut – now it’s about what she’s feeling, not seeing. Spent, she tosses away the binoculars, as if she’s ashamed of her voyeurism. Then she smiles briefly as she glances out the window before a look of longing returns to her pretty face. Soon, she retrieves her binoculars and takes one final look at her would-be lesbian lover...