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Zoe A (FullHD 1080p) Horse Chair Part 1 II (mp4/418.44 Mb) - Jun 13, 2019
Horse Chair Part 1 II
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Blindfolded and dressed in just a pair of silver gloves and a tiny white thong, curvy brunette submissive Natalia is straddling a \"horse chair\". It’s intended for massage, but she knows she’s in for more than just a back-rub. The camera pans up and down her tan body, lingering on her perfect breasts, stiff nipples, cute dimples of Venus and gorgeous ass.Her dominant lesbian lover Zoe A enters the room. Raven-haired, she is wearing a tight black dress and spike heels, and smacking the tails of a black leather flogger against her palm as she struts around. Her manicured fingers stroke Natalia’s smooth, golden skin as she circles the chair, but she is impatient to begin her girlfriend’s punishment. She flicks the flogger against Natalia’s trembling ass and back, laying on spank after spank. Then she pulls the girl’s head back and kisses her slow and deep, while caressing her breasts. Zoe pulls Natalia’s panties aside to finger her pink from behind, as the submissive grinds against the chair. Next, Natalia strips off her underwear to expose her trimmed pussy and bends over the chair as Zoe jacks a large, ridged, black strap-on dildo. Zoe feeds the mock-cock deep inside of Natalia from behind, then starts to plow her hard, standing doggy. Natalia moans with pleasure, juices soaking the shaft and dripping onto the floor as they bang, and the camera captures the horny action from below. Zoe is relentless, punctuating her thrusts with hand-spanks. She grits her teeth and bites her lip as she screws Natalia even harder, and her sub’s face is twisted in ecstasy. Her tits bounce and Zoe’s butt cheeks quiver with each impact. Natalia cums and then – in an act that combines duty and pleasure – crouches down to suck the strap-on clean of her own juices. The pair make out with passion and affection, and, before the picture fades, the camera moves down for one final close-up, of Zoe’s dildo moving against Natalia’s cream-slick slit...