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Elza A (FullHD 1080p) No Officer 2 (mp4/595.57 Mb) - Aug 21, 2019
No Officer 2
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The scene is a dark alley, and sexy masked brunette Oxana Chic is lighting a cigarette. Almost immediately, she is apprehended by Elza A, a blonde police officer. Ukrainian Oxana is cuffed and led into a sinister-looking dungeon room for interrogation.The officer removes Oxana’s coat, revealing a sheer black teddy beneath it. The girl is made to sit on a leather fetish seat, with her thighs splayed wide as her legs are strapped into stirrups. Scolded by Elza, Oxana begs to be Released, promising she will not smoke again. Wielding her nightstick, Elza orders her to masturbate, easing down the top of the teddy to caress her perfect breasts. Oxana rubs her shaved pussy through the crotch, and the officer joins in, using manicured fingers and her stick. Elza unbinds Oxana’s legs, although they remain in the stirrups, then uses the heavy straps to stroke and spank her. She strips off the teddy, flaunting her own shapely ass in her short uniform as she bends the brunette over the seat. She administers a bare-hand spanking as a punishment, then retrieves a cock-shaped black dildo. Stripping to just her hat to expose her own stunning perky tits and smooth snatch, she pumps and grinds the toy deep inside of Oxana’s juiced-up pussy from behind.As the brunette moans, Elza clamps a hand over her mouth, which does nothing to muffle the noise. To show Oxana who’s in charge, Elza sits her down in the stirrup-chair again, and screws her with almost the entire length of the toy. As she rams it in harder and faster, Oxana cums and the blonde keeps plowing her, to maximize her pleasure. The two share a brief, tender moment, only for Elza to lay one final spank on Oxana’s thigh. Then she leaves her alone to caress her naked curves and think about her bad behavior...