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Lovita Fate (FullHD 1080p) Sext Me 2 (mp4/387.49 Mb) - Apr 21, 2019
Sext Me 2
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Stunning Czech babe Lovita Fate is mixing tech and sex in this flight of erotic fantasy. The blue-eyed platinum blonde is sitting on her bed, trading texts with a gorgeous brunette lover who has sent her a gift of lingerie. Lovita is wearing it – pantyhose with a stockings, garters and lace panties design, over a pastel-blue lace thong with a string of pearls for the crotch.The thought of this is getting the brunette wet and, when Lovita checks her own pussy, she gets carried away and begins to masturbate. Rolling onto her hands and knees, she grinds her French tip-manicured fingers in her slit – then she slips the pantyhose down and off, and removes her cropped T-shirt to reveal beautiful natural breasts.Lounging back, legs splayed, she stretches aside the pearl thong and fingers her slit, only to be interrupted by another sext. She replies, pedicured toes flexing in excitement as the brunette tells her to use another gift she was sent… \"the dildo\".This has a futuristic fantasy look – elegantly curved, crystal clear with embedded glitter, and pale blue to match the underwear. Lovita sucks on it, uses it to tease her erect nipples and pierced navel, then slides it inside of her pussy. She tastes her juices off of it then lies back, flaunting a cute clit-hood piercing as she probes and pounds her wet opening. The brunette texts \"ORGASM!\" and though Lovita is oblivious, she obliges, moaning and gasping as she cums hard. She withdraws the dildo and caresses her snatch to soothe it. Then she receives one final sext from her lover that gets her even more excited...