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Sabina Rouge (FullHD 1080p) Wild (mp4/384.8 Mb) - Sep 14, 2019
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Beautiful brunette Sabina Rouge looks irresistibly cute in her pink polka dot lingerie, her hair in pigtails. The sexy American babe runs her hands over her luscious curves, squeezing her perky breasts as she lets her bra fall. She wiggles her ass alluringly as she eases her panties down, baring her shaved pussy. Legs spread high and wide, she strokes her slit, teasing her pussy lips apart, nipples hard as diamonds. With a sultry pout, she pins her legs right back so her pussy splays open as she starts to rub it, fingers circling rapidly on her clit. She pushes two fingers deep inside her tight slot, moaning and giggling with excitement as she masturbates, then going face down, ass up to diddle herself with both hands. She orgasms with a squeal of pure bliss.

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