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Sofi Shane (FullHD 1080p) Huge (mp4/419.58 Mb) - Feb 02, 2019
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Petite beauty Sofi Shane pulls up her lace dress to reveal her curvy ass and unshaven pussy, squeezing and fondling her beautiful big breasts as she runs her fingers through her fluffy bush. She spreads her thighs open and teases her creamy pink pussy, thrusting her fingers into her own wetness, but she wants more. Grabbing an enormous cucumber, the cute brunette sucks the end to lube it up, then pushes it into her pussy. It’s a tight stretch, but she gradually eases it deeper, moaning as she fucks herself hard. She rubs her clit, gasping for breath, boobs jiggling as she cums noisily. She spreads the copious wetness all around her pussy before squatting on the vegetable, impaling herself and sliding up and down, driving herself wild. Be sure to watch right through to the naughty ending…