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Alexis Rain, Amber Dawn, Channell Rodriguez, Johnny Rocket, Sebastian Jacob (HD 720p) Another Man for The Ladys (mp4/3.32 Gb) - Jul 1, 2009
Another Man for The Ladys
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I am Proud to bring you Emerge. This is one cool cat and I will be using him again it seems all the girls love him, and thats good for what I want to see. Ladies of all types going crazy horny over a guy for a change.I mean how often have you been in a club and watched all the girls chasing on guy like the last piece of meat on the planet. Watching these girls compete for this guys attention was a beautiful thing especially when they would play with his cock in front of everyone with out any shame I knew i had to get this guy back foir a few more shows so expect toi see allot more of this guy in future shoots.