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Jack, Lara (HD 720p) Jack And Lara – Lust Out Loud (mp4/195,84 Mb) - January 12, 2021
Jack And Lara – Lust Out Loud
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Jack and Lara have come a long way since the day they first met, when Lara was too shy to approach the gorgeous, long-haired improv actor herself and had a well-intentioned friend push her into that initial conversation. These days, the New-York-based pair’s bedroom banter and endless endearments are matched only by their scream-out-loud pleasure, as a clearly silver-tongued Jack brings Lara to three powerful orgasms with his face buried between her thighs. And because the best cum-munication goes both ways, there’s some blissful two-way oral action as they 69, before Lara gets on top to ride Jack to ecstasy.