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Rebeka Ruby (FullHD 1080p) Anal Celebration 2 (mp4/438.76 Mb) - Jan 20, 2019
Anal Celebration 2
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Smoldering-hot brunette Rebeka Ruby enters her apartment wearing a little black minidress, black stockings and strappy heels. She’s carrying a bottle of wine and a glass – but she’s more horny than thirsty. She licks the unopened bottle seductively, then stands at the top of the stairs where she hikes up her short skirt. She plays the wineglass over her black panties, then yanks the crotch up into her slit so she can tease her trimmed pussy with the neck of the bottle. She walks down a couple stairs, showing off her incredible legs, then sits caressing her splayed thighs and pussy, using two spit-wet fingertips on her clit. Once again, she sucks on the bottle like she’s going down it, licking and slurping while she takes off her panties and peels down her stockings.Next, she rolls on her side, wets a finger with saliva and immediately slides it in her tight asshole, letting out a moan as it sinks in to the knuckle. She pumps it in and out, then uses two fingers – but this is only a warm-up. She drools on the bottle neck then slides it in her ass, moaning as she plows it in deep, opening herself up a little more with each thrust. Her fingers strum her clit as she screws herself, signing and moaning rhythmically, her face twisted in total ecstasy.Next, she lies back, legs in the air, switching the heavy bottle to the other hand, the dark-red wine splashing around inside of it. She pulls her cheeks apart and splays her pussy, Finally, she squats over the bottle and the camera zooms in close as she rides it. The lower she sinks, the wider it stretches her asshole and, as she cums, she yelps and screams, scissoring her legs together. Little aftershocks of pleasure shudder through her as she slowly withdraws the bottle. She licks the top of it, opens it, kisses it once more then drinks the wine directly from it…