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Raisa (FullHD 1080p) Brushed Up 2 (mp4/680.72 Mb) - Jan 31, 2019
Brushed Up 2
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Sultry auburn-haired Raisa is lounging on a large corner couch. Dressed in a black top and panties, she is applying sheer burgundy lipstick. She sits back and, for fun, uses it to draw a \"mouth\" on her hand, then presses it against her shoulder and inner thigh to fake sexy kiss-prints. Next, she sweeps bronzer on her cheeks with a large brush then runs the soft bristles over her face and body, to tickle and tease. As she strokes it in between her thighs and over her panty-crotch she starts to get horny and unbuttons her top to expose small, beautiful breasts with pale tan lines. After a little more teasing with the brush, she strips off her panties to give her shaved pussy the same treatment. Gently, she runs the bristles over her smooth skin and zeroes in on her slit. Turning the brush around, she skims the smooth, rounded handle between her pouting pussy lips. She tastes her juices off of it then works it against her clit and slips it inside of her snatch. Eyes shut, she moans in delight as she pumps herself with the entire length, rubbing her clit with her free hand and humping her ass up off of the couch.She twists her body to plow herself from a different angle, then pauses to take a slow suck on the juice-wet handle. Then she gets on all fours, flaunting her cute bare feet, and slides the handle in doggy style. As her body arches and contorts she moans, and the camera homes in for a close-up of her puckered asshole. She splays her cheeks and pounds herself even harder, moans coming quicker and louder as her orgasm builds. Balancing elegantly on one knee with her toes pointed, she screws herself again – then she perches on the top of the couch. As she reams her clit and pussy, holding the brush by its bristles, her cute tits bounce around. She massages them, raising one leg, then slides down the couch, grinding her ass against it as she cums, crying out with pleasure. Spent, she lies back, flexing and stretching her beautiful body as she smears her lips and tongue with sticky juices from the brush handle.