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Lady Bug (FullHD 1080p) G-Spot 2 (mp4/451.05 Mb) - Jul 12, 2019
G-Spot 2
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Sexy Lady Bug, a petite, blue-eyed Czech babe with waist-length, caramel-blonde hair, is chilling at home, reading a book titled Finding Your G-spot. She’s dressed casually, in super-cute bib shorts over a hot-pink top, and knee-socks. The book recommends using kitchen utensils and/or vegetables to help find the elusive spot, so she investigates.She takes a honey dipper and a small metal whisk then turns herself on with a slow, sensual striptease, massaging her beautiful body as she hikes up her top to expose firm, perfect breasts. Next, she loses her shorts, revealing red-lace thong-back panties underneath. Then she strips down to her socks, flaunting a shaved pussy with a tiny landing strip.The next stage, says the book, is slowly inserting each object and moving it in a circular motion, going deeper. Lady Bug perches on the counter and – using a small mirror to see every detail – splays her pussy with manicured fingers. She probes inside of her hole, a look of wonder on her face, then takes the honey dipper and uses the rounded handle to probe her pink. Then she switches to using the whisk, stirring it inside of her snatch. It stretches her wide open but, in need of even more, she takes a large zucchini and – watching her progress in the mirror – pushes it inside. This is maybe a little too much so she selects the honey dipper once again, this time using the ridged end to penetrate her pussy. She grinds it in circles, moaning, her pretty face a picture of pleasure as she buries it deep and frigs her clit. Humping, whimpering and trembling, she cums, then crouches on the counter, lost in ecstasy. Her quest is a success, and she withdraws the dipper, caressing it appreciatively. Next, says the book, comes the search for the anal G-spot. This is more difficult to find – but Lady Bug’s smile says she’s up to the challenge...