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Katy A (FullHD 1080p) Magical Gloves 2 (mp4/545.84 Mb) - Mar 07, 2019
Magical Gloves 2
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Horny tattooed and pierced Hispanic brunette Katy A ia sitting at home, wearing sexy clubwear. As she shows off her chunky ankle-strap platform shoes, fishnet pantyhose – worn without underwear – hiked-up miniskirt and lace bra, the camera captures all the close-up detail. As it travels up her body to her pretty face, we see she’s wearing a feather-trimmed mask and long, black silky gloves.Slowly and deliberately, she runs her hands over her stunning curves, relishing the feel of her gloved fingers against her naked skin. She rubs them on her pantyhose crotch, pressing the seam against her slit. Then she slides one hand inside of them to caress her shaved pussy, as the other bares and cups one of her perfect breasts, teasing the stiff nipple.She unmasks, then eases the bra down off her tits before sucking on a silk-clad finger. Then she strips naked, aside from the gloves. Lounging back with her thighs splayed wide, Katy begins to masturbate rhythmically. The gloves have gotten her juices flowing, but now she needs something more.She retrieves a black butt plug, sucks on it to lube it with her drool, then slides it deep inside of her pussy. As it fills her hole, her silky digits give her glistening clit some attention. Then she moves the toy in and out, to wet it with her cream. Next, she eases it slowly inside of her tight asshole, her butthole stretching around the bulbous base. Katy grabs another toy – this time a black dildo – and plows it in and out her pussy. As she double-penetrates herself, the two shafts grind together separated only by a thin wall of flesh. Her face a portrait of total ecstasy, she rocks her ass as she pulls out the butt plug, so she can focus on her pussy.At first, she screws it slow and deep, then she speeds up, body undulating as her orgasm starts to build. She humps her butt clear of the seat, then perches on the arm of the chair, body arched as she screws her snatch. She pauses to taste her juices off of the toy, then kneels on the chair doggy style as she pounds herself hard and fast. Soon, however, she sprawls back on the cushions once again.Her gloved fingers caress her clit and she tosses the dildo aside so she can focus on this delicious sensation. Moaning and bucking, she cums hard, then sucks on her gloved fingers as she relishes the post-orgasm afterglow...