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Cindy Shine (FullHD 1080p) Santas Wish 2 (mp4/360.28 Mb) - Dec 25, 2019
Santas Wish 2
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Christmas Day is nearly here and Cindy Shine – a slender, sexy Czech babe with long burgundy hair and jeweled top-lip and tongue piercings – is feeling festive. She arranges presents and festive stockings under her Christmas tree. Midnight finds her waiting for Santa, dressed in a micro-minidress, lingerie, stockings and garters. She falls asleep on the floor next to the tree, but there’s magic in the air…Cindy wakes to find a very special gift right next to her – and a note confirms it’s from Santa. Thrilled, she discovers it’s a beautiful, curved glass dildo and she sucks on it seductively. Then – watched by a red-clad voyeur – she performs a slow strip. She unfastens her garters with scarlet-manicured fingers, then spins around to reveal a cupless bra that leaves her perfect breasts and stiff nipples bare. She peels off her tiny black panties to flaunt her juicing, shaved pussy. Finally naked in just her stockings, she begins to masturbate, caressing her tits and fingering her smooth, wet slit. Next, she gets on her knees, with her crack and swollen snatch on display, and reaches back to rub and probe herself doggy style. As her middle finger sinks in deep, the two on either side of it tease the rim of her tight asshole. As she grinds harder against her hand, her moans get louder.Thighs splayed, she sucks on the toy and plays it over her nipples. Then she plunges it into her snatch and pumps it in and out. The raised dots on the shaft tease her clit and G-spot and, within moments, she cums to a screaming orgasm, watched by her visitor. Spent, she drifts off to sleep and he leaves, too, with a satisfied \"Ho, ho, ho!\" Hours later, Cindy wakes up naked on the floor next to the tree and scurries off to bed… Happy holidays!