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Lara A (FullHD 1080p) Smooth Rubbing 2 (mp4/616.53 Mb) - Jul 16, 2019
Smooth Rubbing 2
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It’s after dark in the city and sexy Lara A, a tattooed babe with honey-blonde hair and braces, is chilling out in her kitchen. She’s naked and using manicured fingers to smear body oil from a wineglass over her tan legs. As she slathers generous amounts on her smooth skin, working up from her bare feet to her slim thighs, she seems mesmerized.Next, she drizzles more oil on her pert, perfect breasts, massaging it over her firm globes and puffy nipples. As she sits splay legged on the counter, the camera moves down slowly over her flat, glistening belly to her shaved pussy. Her slick fingers tease it, sliding either side of her clit, then give her tits more attention.She begins to masturbate, moaning out loud, digits probing and stirring deep inside of her. Then, twisting her lithe body, she reaches behind and starts to tease her asshole with oily fingertips. Her cries become more urgent as she gets increasingly horny. The camera captures the horny action from all angles, including below, as she frigs herself into a frenzy. Then she kneels on the floor doggy style, buns in the air. One finger penetrates her asshole as the other hand rubs her clit and her face is a vision of pleasure and determination, with total focus on making herself cum. On the brink, she slaps her oil-drenched slit, then her fingers move rhythmically, maximizing the afterglow. Satisfied and sighing, she squirms on the floor...