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Lexi Dona (FullHD 1080p) Super Dong 2 (mp4/428.24 Mb) - Sep 14, 2019
Super Dong 2
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Smoking-hot tattooed Czech brunette Lexi Dona has received a very exciting package. The accompanying card reads: \"Super Dong – The Ultimate Accessory\". Smiling in horny delight, she gets her hands on the toy – a ridged black dildo and clit-tickler attachment for her huge wand vibrator.Lexi is all set for sexy fun in a black minidress, lingerie-print pantyhose and heels, with hot-pink lips, manicured nails and her long black hair worn loose. She fits the dildo on the vibe, removes her dress to flaunt her incredible tan body, then slips her hand inside of the pantyhose to rub her slit. Her fingers emerge visibly wet and she sniffs and tastes her juices. Next, she sprawls back on her couch and continues to masturbate, then peels down her pantyhose to expose her shaved pussy. She tests her new toy, sucking on it and smearing it with lipstick and saliva before playing the head around her stiff nipples. She works the dildo against her slit, then strips off her pantyhose and shoes so she can splay her legs fully. She inserts the shaft and grinds the tickler against her clit.Gripping the toy between her pedicured bare feet, she pumps it in and out her pussy. She kneels up on the couch and grinds down hard on the dong, moaning in ecstasy as the camera captures the action in close-up. Then she assumes the doggy position, tight butt in the air, and once again uses her feet to plow the vibe into her snatch as she teases her asshole with a spit-wet finger.Close to orgasm, she switches off the vibe, pounding it manually with her fingers on her clit. Crying out, she cums, then slides down to kneel on the floor, humping and squirming against the couch to maximize her pleasure. We leave her chilling on the couch, gazing into the camera with an adorable, flirty smile on her pretty face...