Mar 062015

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Karmen is a smoking hot teen from New York. Shes half Romanian and half Indian with a great set of tits and a stunning face! Its almost hard to believe this girl is down to fuck on camera – but boy are we happy shes here to shoot her first scene!

Karmen can swallow cock with the best of them and the way she plays with my balls and cock at the same time is heavenly! I laid her on her back and nailed her tight slit making her bulbous teen tits bounce in response. I bent Karmen over to smash her from behind and after a few pumps her vice like pussy squeezed out every bit of man mayo I had and I shot it all over her ass and my bedsheets!

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Mar 042015

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Kasey has a reputation as a pretty decent cock gobbler. If a girls reputation for fellatio precedes her shoot with our boy Tony that usually means good things are about to go down! This fresh faced 18 year old makes no excuses either – she loves to suck dick and she could not wait to take all of Tony’s meat.

Shes had an oral fixation ever since she could remember and lucky for her we were here to help satisfy that craving. She happily told us about her technique and expertly demonstrated it when it was time to get down to business. Listen to the noises she makes when gagging on the dick and the amount of spit she uses to deep throat!

The couch was absolutely soaked! The way she strokes it and sucks at the same time is almost enough to make us go but instead she got Tony off and he rewarded her with his massive load all over face and eyes!

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Mar 032015

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Tight and tiny Hollie Shields just moved in next door to J Mac and she needed some sugar so she could finish baking. She took this opportunity to get to her know her neighbors and you can immediately tell she was glad she met J – did she keep looking at his dick?! Hollie does not seem like the stalker type, so it was kind of weird to see her creeping around his back door and windows.

And when she finally opened the door and let herself in – it was clear then that this girl was dickmatized! J woke up and was happy to see her but his wife was sleeping upstairs so as quietly as possible Hollie sucked the hell out of his cock and he destroyed her petite snatch! Hollie almost broke in half because of all the ways J pounded on her snatch and he gave her some more sugar all over her face. What a good neighbor!

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Mar 022015


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I spotted Molly as she was getting out of her shift from the club down the street. Not only did I want a better look at her tight and fit body – but I also saw a bunch of dudes trying to scam on her so I thought I would help her get away from that as well.

She was so thankful that she took me and my boy up on our offer to giver her a ride. Before dropping her off we took her back to our place and I started asking her if she had ever considered modeling because, as you can see, the camera loves her.

It wasnt long after that and we had her butt naked, with her massive mammers out, wanting to take some pictures – and some dick! My boy served her up a serving of meat which Molly quickly gobbled down. Her humongous tits were bouncing and jiggling with every thrust and push – it almost made me bust too! After smashing with her legs up, my boy spread his seed all over her big ole titties and dropped a little in her mouth too!

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Nov 112014

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Blonde California native Kendall is here to shoot her first scene in the business! She was a little nervous to get started but after some sex talk to break the ice she got more comfortable and started taking off some clothes for us. Kendall was hiding an impressive set of firm pierced titties, a trimmed bush, and a tight little ass.

If you cant tell by the video, Kendall is damn good at giving head and loves to show off for the camera! Even more impressive is her ability to take a pounding in a bunch of positions! Her tanned and toned frame got stretched to the limit – as well as her pussy – and Kendall got her first jizz spray on her ass to welcum her to the Team!

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Nov 102014

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Soccer is a tough game to learn and Kimber Lee was definitely going through some growing pains. All of her friends were on the team and she hates being left out, so she called Coach Loso for a private lesson. He came over to teach her some fundamental drills and work on her ball handling – and she was a natural at handling the Coachs balls.

Kimber knew she wasnt gonna make the team on skill so she used her tits and ass instead. Coach Loso could not resist her juicy tits and round ass anymore and drilled her teen snatch in her parents backyard! Kimber took the Coachs man mayo in her mouth and swallowed it all ensuring her spot on the Team!

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Nov 072014
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Megan Rain was at home studying when she heard an intruder trying to open her door! Holy shit! She called her neighbor Brad for help and he was right over! Brad did not see anything but Megan was still shaken up so she asked him to stay for a bit and her short shorts were more than convincing! Megan is a teeny little hottie with a fat ass and was in need of a mans touch and she was quick to start rubbing on Brads cock.

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